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The secret to the Patricia Clarke Body Wrap

The success of this amazing body wrap is due to a combination of a Swiss formulation anti-cellulite body contouring firming gel and Neoprene bandages. The compression of the bandages and the active ingredients, strengthening, diuretic and stabilising properties of the gel targets the toxins in the adipose fatty tissue, breaks down the fatty tissue by means of absorption by the lymph duct, so that the unwanted fatty tissue finally passes out through the body. The combination of liposomes, strengthening and diuretic properties stabilise and maintain the contour of the body, helping to avoid a spongy appearance, strengthens the tissues and inner organs.

The results are long lasting.
Unlike weight loss treatments that depend on body perspiration for their effects, normal drinking does not damage the achievements nor replace the lost centimeters. It is not a sweat loss technique. With a correct eating plan, there is no time limitation on how long you remain looking thin.

A series of six wraps are required.
One to two wraps per week are recommended depending on your personal goal.  


Body Wrap

What is the treatment?
To start with, your measurements are taken and recorded on a body chart. Next the PATRICIA CLARKE gel is applied to the treatment areas. Special body wraps are the bound around you and for the next 1 hour you lie still and relaxed on a suitable couch. You are warm and dry throughout and when the wraps are removed and you are re-measured, the startling loss will be recorded. It's a good idea to bring a pair of over-tight jeans with you. Slip into them afterwards to illustrate beyond question the complete overall effect.

How does it work?
In recent years, the reducing and firming properties of many natural and synthetic substances have received general recognition. The PATRICIA CLARKE gel has been specially formulated and developed to utilize these properties to the maximum. It acts upon nearly all the factors that give rise to body miss-shaping and excess body fluid. Cellulite and tissue weaknesses respond most favorably to the PATRICIA CLARKE gel's action. The treatment does not depend in any way on fluid loss by perspiration, it is the intra-cellular fluids in the "fat tissues" (adipose) that benefit most.

How long lasting are the results?
Unlike weight loss treatments that depend on perspiration for their effects, when using the PATRICIA CLARKE gel method normal drinking does not damage the achievements nor replace the lost centimeters.

How much weight is lost?
Virtually none at first. The inner body response and tissue strengthening are the factors through which the dimensional improvements are achieved.

How often can I have treatments?
As often as you like, and it is a wonderful incentive to start sensible eating habits in conjunction with a series of treatments at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals. PATRICIA CLARKE recommends the use of a contouring pressure in conjunction with the gel, using our uniquely designed bandage style wraps. Consequently the customer looks "a la Egyptian mummy".

How long has PATRICIA CLARKE been available?
The present much improved gel was first used 14 years ago and since then, its effectiveness has been extensively tested with overwhelming acclaim. The ingredients fully comply with E.E.C. regulations and use of the PATRICIA CLARKE gel has been found to be free of any detrimental side effects.

What are the advantages of PATRICIA CLARKE?
Clearly it is the instant impact of PATRICIA CLARKE that makes it so preferable. To loose centimeters in problem areas in only one hour is a boost to anyone who wants, or needs to look their very best. It can be used on its own or together with other G5 slimming or weight reducing courses, sensible eating and exercising help towards maintaining the wonderful immediate effects of PATRICIA CLARKE.

Certainly, the long term effects have been assessed, but one of the most seductively simple methods of body contouring is the recently developed technique of "body wrap" or bandaging. This technique is used to distribute the special herb based PATRICIA CLARKE gel to the problem areas. Wrap the limbs lightly. After a period of 90 minutes, the gel permeates the connective tissues, activates lymphatic drainage and stimulates circulation. We stress to the therapist that this is not a "sweat it out" or the variety of slimming cures where the weight is fleetingly lost through profuse perspiration and regained after a cup of tea. The body remains dry throughout the wrap treatments and, as intracellular fluids are mobilized, the diuretic properties assist in the elimination of cellulite. Flab and "soft fat" respond particularly well to wrapping since, depending on the clients resilience, the flesh can be bound very tightly to "lift" the sagging part of the body.

Compression and the Lymphatic System
Lymph originates as a clear, protein-rich fluid in tissue spaces throughout the body. This fluid (1-2 L per day) is usually carried by lymph vessels, passes through regional lymph nodes, and joins the venous blood shortly before this blood enters the heart. The circulation of lymph is important in maintaining normal tissue homeostasis throughout the body. The balance between the fluid leaving the arterial side of the capillaries (ultrafiltration) on the one hand and the re-absorption that occurs in the venous capillaries plus the drainage via the lymphatic on the other is known as Starling's Equilibrium.

Because of the disturbed lymph drainage in lymphedema, this equilibrium collapses; protein-rich fluid accumulates in the tissue spaces, the colloid-osmotic pressure rises, and all of these events favour ultrafiltration. By raising the tissue (interstitial) pressure by means of an external force (the compression bandage), the effective ultrafiltration pressure is reduced, less fluid accumulates, and less fluid has to be removed from the tissue spaces, thereby improving the lymphedema.

Our compression bandages are elasticized and fastens with a Velcro attachment to keep the bandages in place. Compression bandages are very useful for reducing swelling; these bandages are made in different sizes to accommodate different parts of the body. Compression bandages reduce swelling by aiding your veins in returning excess fluid to your circulation.  


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